About the founders

David Belo

David began his career as a cocktail bartender, mixing drinks at some of London’s most prestigious cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs, including the London’s LAB bar as well as venues abroad before retraining as an artisan bread baker and pastry chef. In a separate wave of inspiration, David studied the alchemical healing arts, sacred geometry and music, and wanted to bring those principles to his work with food when envisaging the Earth Loaf project.

At the beginning as well as recipe and packaging design, he was the mechanical engineer of the Earth Loaf project, in-charge of setting up and maintaining production, building machines, training and sourcing ingredients.

At present David is the head Chef and General Manager at Earth Loaf.

Angelika Anangnostou

Angelika headed the world famous 1930’s speak easy cocktail palace Milk & Honey – London, at the culmination of a 14 year career in mixing fine drinks whilst training in parallel as a yoga teacher and alternative therapist.

Angelika who at the beginning assisted production and concept development, now supports new recipe design and steering of the project as it grows and evolves and is our Exports Manager, whilst balancing her time as a yoga teacher and alternative therapist.