Buy entering into a purchase you agree to the following policy on returns and refunds which may be amended at any time without prior notice.

Returns Eligibility

Returns will only be accepted on the basis of the following where fault is clearly that of Earth Loaf:

  1. Spoilage of food products
  2. Products received in a state unfit for consumption
  3. Tarnishing of product packaging

In the event that the aforementioned damages are incurred as a consequence of negligence on the part of third party delivery services, returns will be granted at the discretion of Earth Loaf.

All returns will be reimbursed either by credit or with a matching item/items of value equal to that of the returned item.

Cash refunds will not be offered.

All returns claims must be made within 3 days of receiving of your order, and must be accompanied with evidence of spoilage/damage, and that such is a consequence of activities carried out by the Earth Loaf in order to be eligible for return.


Terms of Return

All associated courier/delivery charges incurred by returns will be paid by the Earth Loaf.

In the case of spoilage or damage caused by delivery or courier agents, returns will be granted at the discretion of the Earth Loaf.

Chocolate and chocolate products

Chocolate and chocolate products will only be eligible for returns if melting, fat-bloom or sugar-bloom occurs (white marks or imperfections on the surface of the chocolate caused by extreme fluctuations in temperature) at the discretion of Earth Loaf. Please note that these instances are typical in tropical climates and such cases are only cosmetic having no impact taste or flavour.

For more information about returns please have your order number ready and contact us at:
Phone +91 9611 824275

If you have any further queries regarding our returns policy please feel free to email us at