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The ‘Agreement‘ refers to all terms and conditions as specified in this document, including all schedules, appendices, annexure, and privacy policy, and will include all amendments and supplements made now and in the future.

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In the event that any product has been marked with an incorrect price whence a purchase has been made, Earth Loaf reserves the right to cancel the agreement to sell, upon which case the Buyer will receive a full refund and be informed of the correct listing price.

By placing an order through this website you have entered into a contract of sale and are bound to its fulfilment. The contract of sale may only be annulled by the Buyer within three hours of checking out/submitting an order.

The Buyer assumes full liability for all purchases and activities expressed on and through this website, and that of all purchases made. The Buyer assumes full liability for checking product description and in no way holds Earth Loaf, its employees, affiliates, contracted third parties or directors responsible for any losses, damages, legal fees that may arise from entering into contract or engaging in any way with Earth Loaf. The Buyer assumes full legal responsibility for any such damages, expenses and losses incurred as a direct or indirect consequence of any activities of engagement with Earth Loaf.

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The following are our shipping conditions. Please note that any of the conditions herein are subject to change or amendment without prior notice.

All products ordered though this website will be sent via courier service

At present our primary service provider is DTDC, although a different service provider may be used if deemed appropriate by Earth Loaf.



All orders placed before 1pm will be dispatched on the same day, on the condition that payment has been received in full by 5pm on the day the order is made (payments are to be received by Earth Loaf).

All orders placed after 1pm, or instances where monies have been received in full (by Earth Loaf) after 5pm on the day an order is placed, may be dispatched on the following day.

Orders will be dispatched from our premises in Mysore at 5pm, before being forwarded to Bangalore.


Orders may only be cancelled 3 hours after ordering. Any fees incurred by refund procedures will be borne by the Buyer

To make a cancellation please have your order number ready and contact us at:
Phone +91 9611 824275
Email: shop@earthloaf.co.in



Delivery times:

Orders destined for locations within Karnataka will usually arrive within 28 hours after dispatch via road transport.

Orders to metro cities (excluding Bangalore) anywhere in India will arrive within 28 hours after dispatch via one day air carrier.

Orders to rural destinations will require 24-72 hours after dispatch.

In the unlikely event of delays, please allow for up to 72 hours in excess of the times stipulated above.

In the case that an order is not served by our current delivery partner, Earth Loaf will offer an alternative delivery method. If no sufficient service provider may be found, Earth Loaf will refund any monies payed baring all associated refund costs, and automatically annulling the order.

Please note, at present Earth Loaf only undertakes orders from within India’s borders.

Days of rest:

As couriers do not operate on Sundays or national holidays, in an effort to maintain consignment temperatures, orders received one day before courier holidays will not be dispatched until courier services resume.


Upon dispatch you will be given a tracking number for your order with associated web address to keep up to date with your consignment.


All chocolate orders will be packaged with gel-ice packs and thermo protective insulated packaging. These additions are essential to preserving product integrity in transit. However they will increase the gross weight of shipments. All delivery prices and product weights quoted on this website include the additional weight/cost of cold chain packaging per item.


All OCTROI taxes incurred by local governing bodies are liable to be paid buy the Buyer.

Earth Loaf reserves the right to withhold the dispatch of any consignment/order. In such instances Earth Loaf will provide a transparent explanation to the Buyer, and all associated payments made to Earth Loaf will be refunded to the Buyer

In the event that an ordered item is out of stock, the Buyer will be notified, with an expected time for re-stock and dispatch. If the re-stock time is in excess of 4 days, the Buyer reserves the right to change or cancel their order.

Negligence & Delays:

In the case that a consignment is delayed by negligence or error on the part of the Delivery Partner, Earth Loaf assumes no responsibility and will not be legally bound to provide compensation for any losses or damages. In the case of such an event however, we will do our upmost to ensure that the consignment destined to the Buyer arrives and in good condition.

The Buyer assumes absolute responsibility for ensuring Earth Loaf receives the correct delivery address and contact number for purchases made on this website. We kindly ask you to ensure these details are given with accuracy.


Buy entering into a purchase you agree to the following policy on returns and refunds which may be amended at any time without prior notice.

Returns Eligibility

Returns will only be accepted on the basis of the following where fault is clearly that of the Earth Loaf:

  1. Spoilage of food products
  2. Products received in a state unfit for consumption
  3. Tarnishing of product packaging

In the event that the aforementioned damages are incurred as a consequence of negligence on the part of third party delivery services, returns will be granted at the discretion of Earth Loaf.

All returns will be reimbursed either by credit or with a matching item/items of value equal to that of the returned item.

Cash refunds will not be offered.

All returns claims must be made within 3 days of receipt of your order, accompanied with evidence of spoilage/damage, and that such is a consequence of activities carried out by the Earth Loaf in order to be eligible for return.


Terms of Return

All associated courier/delivery charges incurred by returns will be paid by the Earth Loaf.

In the case of spoilage or damage caused by delivery or courier agents, returns will be granted at the discretion of the Earth Loaf.

Chocolate and chocolate products

Chocolate and chocolate products will only be eligible for returns if melting, fat-bloom or sugar-bloom occurs (white marks or imperfections on the surface of the chocolate caused by extreme fluctuations in temperature) at the discretion of Earth Loaf. Please note that these instances are typical in tropical climates and such cases are only cosmetic having no impact taste or flavour.

For more information about returns please have your order number ready and contact us at:
Phone +91 9611 824275
Email: shop@earthloaf.co.in

If you have any further queries regarding our returns policy please feel free to email us at shop@earthloaf.co.in



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This Website may feature technical, descriptive, pictorial and typographical errors. Prices listed on this Website may be subject to error, and Earth Loaf reserves the right to annul any agreement to enter into sale in the event such errors are made. Earth Loaf may make changes, improvements or modifications to this site at any time.

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